Lace Applique

I’ve sewn all the sweater knits but have a collection of double-knits that make good cool weather tops.   My fabric today is a cotton, fine rib, double knit. The pattern is again my basic block developed from Silhouette Patterns Sweater Set (#195) with an easy lace, neckline applique also cotton.


Again these pre-fab necklines never match my pattern  so when cutting I cut the neckline straight across from shoulder to shoulder.

I used a zig zag stitch to attach the applique, then sketched out a neckline before trimming the excess away.

After that it was easy standard construction, all the way and finished in roughly an hour including the cover-stitched hems. BTW, hour did not include the neckline. Took about a hour by the time I futz around deciding how low to place it. Then the shoulder line was obviously different from my own. I thought of trimming the excess but realized it was just as easy to simply fold under the applique along the line I wanted.


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