Love My Sloper

Not a sweater-knit but a heavier, cotton knit which is uncomfortably warm during the summer but perfect for milder winter days.

The fabric has been sitting in my stash about 8 years after I bought it at a garage sale in Nebraska.  For basically a jersey knit, it doesn’t have much stretch. 0 lengthwise. Crossgrain 20% if I pull hard. I wouldn’t wear a garment that pulled that much on my body.

Even now, I feel a firmness across the back.  If it shrinks like its sister fabric, I won’t be wearing this to much beyond this winter.

The stripes are matched across the body and the sleeve. Once again I did a nice job of it by pinning at each change of color.   I don’t like horizontal stripes, yes partly for the matching that is needed, but also because of my tummy.  If I don’t want to look like Pooh bear …

…with my sweater rising up above my tummy, I need to add center front length.  The hem didn’t want to fold anywhere but along the stripe. I persuaded it somehow but the color is change is uneven and now looks like I don’t know how to cut straight across with the stripe.

I used the Dondi Collar which Kessinger teaches in her video HERE. There are also directions in her Design It Yourself book. However this was the wrong fabric for the collar.

In this fabric the collar does not lie down nicely.  I am not sure, but I may amputate the collar at a later date.

As usual my sewing was done over 2 days time. One day to prep tissue and fabric. On day to sew and finish.  Love my sloper. It makes sewing Classic Knit tops so easy and rewarding.


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