Sweater Knit

I used my knit sloper made from Silhouette Patterns Sweater Set (195) and borrowed the easy placket from Angela Wolf”s Linda Tunic.   I’ve decided the reason this placket  is so easy is because the careful cutting and careful matching is minimal.  I cut the neck interfacing, carefully mark the stitching line and  center the facing on the private side of my garment. From there on it is easy stitching and trimming. What makes it especially easy it that you don’t carefully cut and insert the placket bands. No really. Angela encourages you to cut the bands longer than needed. You stitch the bands along the 1/4″ stitching line and then start trimming. There’s nothing really flopping about; finding it’s way under your pressor foot. Nope just those 2 straight lines of stitching then you trim everything to fit. You must have the Linda Tunic just for this easy application technique.

I used the Channel Finish on the neckline substituting a coverstitch-in-the-ditch for the single stitch Judy Kessinger demonstrates.   I hemmed with the coverstitch also.  I am surprised to see the front is stretched a little as the back, hemmed at the same time, did not or at least not as mjuch.

I am happy to observe that I finally adjusted my sloper sleeve to have enough ease to cover my bicep but still fit smoothly into the armscye.

I did a good job matching those stripes even if it did take a pin at every stripe. The extra few minutes were worth the results.

It may be a mistake that I did not further adapt my sloper for the stretch of sweater knit fabric. But then again, I like roomy sweaters.

Believe it or not, I picked up this fabric in Walmart last year.  They had these mini-bolts sitting out in the aisle. I bought 3. All polyester. Two are light weight but not transparent. They’d be suitable for spring wear; and in the house wear.  I wouldn’t wear them outside to play in the snow but then again, I don’t do much playing in the snow anyway.  Mostly I just bundle up and head for the car.

Anyway, it was an easy sew. I needed only 2 days and did not face major issues.  Oh and I’m glad to add a new sweater to the wardrobe.

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