Lesson 10 Transferring Sloper to Tag

Lesson 10  is Transferring the Sloper to Tag or other durable medium. I have the tag. Well actually I have poster board and aisle runner. Both are mediums that will create a durable sloper pattern for me. However, I’m not going to make the transfer right now.  I’m still waiting on the book and still planning to make the next moulage.  I watched this lesson with interest and made notes. Then continued onto the next lesson.  Truth is I probably won’t do exactly what Suzy is doing, anyway.  This is a place where using my own preferred techniques will have no effect upon the usefulness of the item, so why not do what I like doing.

As always recommend you watch the lesson and not just grab my notes and go for it.  I write down details that pertain to me. You could be very different.  My Notes:

  • In 3-4 places , tape sloper to tag
  • Trace around the perimeter using sharp pencil
  • Use tracing wheel to transfer guide lines, darts, every line or point that might be useful later on
    • If in doubt, transfer from Moulage to Sloper
  • Remove Moulage from tag carefully
  • Darken traced lines i.e. make nice and neat
  • Copy measurements
  • Add date
  • Cut Out, Notch and Punch
    •  Cut along the perimeter
    • Notch the perimeter along guide lines, darts etch
    • Awl Punch interior points such as waistline darts, shoulder dart point, high figure point etc.

Slopers are usually good within 10 pounds weight change.

Usually best to keep the Moulage until a new one is made. Some houses keep all previous Moulages and slopers. Personally, I have no standard for Moulages. I keep my slopers until I have to replace them due to my physical changes. Sigh, since I turned 55, thats been about every 18 months.



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