Lesson 9 Truing the Sloper

Sorry no pics. Lots of notes that are all about VERIFYing ACCURACY OF TRANSFERRED LINES/POINTS

  • Measure all the lines to be sure they are the calculated length ie.  High hip is the sum of high hip, dart and 1/2″ ease.
  • Ensure shoulder darts are centered.
  • Square all corners 1/4 to1/2″
  • Drag waist shaping to perimeter lines of pattern
  • Redraw any lines that change length.
  • Redraw any curves that change due to above actions.
  • Note about ARMSCYE DART
    • Sleeveless garments always fold out but
    • Sleeved garments are usually more comfortable  if this dart is left unsewn


  • Cut out back.
    • Right sides up, align front and back shoulders.
    • Same length?
    • Darts will meet
    • Necklines meet squarely
    • Fold out shoulder darts
    • Trim shoulders
    • Flip back onto front. (so RST)
    • Low Hip to Waist
      • Walk back along front
      • Same length?
      • Draw curve of back onto front.
    • Waist to Armscye
      • Fold out bust dart
      • Draw back shape onto front
    • Trim the Side
    • Does underarm square
    • Fold out front dart
    • Trim the armscye









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