Completer Piece

I was packing to leave the next day on a 2-week vacation, when I realized I wanted a long sleeve blouse in my bright blue.  I had a white knit-shrug, a cream cardigan, and  a soft jacket in navy that could have functioned as my third layer, but I felt like a bright blue would be the perfect completer piece.  Well, I packed the navy and then went downstairs to my sewing rooms.

I found the perfect-for-me fabric a cotton/poly shirting in a blue and white print. I pulled out my woven block and asked myself how it could be simplified enough that I might finish in 4 hours.

BTW, I find myself greatly admiring those sewists on the Sewing Bee because I’m not sure I could complete anything in the time they are given.

I’m always feeling blouses from this sloper are a little short, so I lengthen the front and back 1.25″.  I eliminated the collar and used a plain one-piece sleeve. I did no fitting.   This is my basic sloper.  I’ve made several tops from it. Even more  tops have been variations created by copying this sloper and applying style changes.  I would be shocked if this blouse  doesn’t fit reasonably.

My sewing procedure was pretty standard too.  I taped shoulders and neckline; fused interfacing to the facings.  I used bias tape to finish the back neck.  All the seams are serged.  The blind hem and buttonholes done on my Brother Dream.   Only the buttons are hand sewn.  I hoped but couldn’t believe I’d actually finished my blouse in the limited time available.  That’s the beauty of TNT’s.


Sorry I was frazzled and didn’t have time for body pics.  Fortunately Mimie (my dressform) was happy to step-in for me.




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