Striped Tank

I have several stripe fabrics I’d love to use but havent because I feared that solving fit issues would ruin stripe matching.  Finally, I have the confidence to make an attempt.   My fabric is  rayon jersey recently purchased from (I think).

I’m using the sleeveless, knit block recently  fit using my woven blocks which in turn were developed from Connie Crawfords 1201 basic blocks.     I’m stitching the bust darts because I love that bit of shaping.  While I do love the shaping of the vertical darts I feel like a knit tank easy wear and easy sew.  An easy compromise was moving those darts to the CB and side seams.  I scooped the neck 2″ making it cooler to wear.  Since I’m finishing with FOE, I also trimmed the armscyes of their 1/4″ seam allowance.

I starched the fabric lightly while giving a quick press to remove wrinkles.  I laid the fabric flat and cut each piece separately  using my waist notches to align the stripes.

Side stripes matched perfectly and the back is pretty good.

Of course, the knit fabric is responsible for a lot of the matching.  Knit easily stretches.  All I needed to do was pin accurately at color changes.

Interesting that the fit is not as nice as with other versions. Pretty sure it’s largely a fabric issue since the major change is the depth of the neckline. I’m trying to remove any gaping, but I seem to create drag lines when I try to get it tight enough at the underarm.

Nonetheless, I’m pretty happy.  My FOE application is perfect. Which pleases me to no end.   I struggled and struggled at my Viking Ruby without ever getting  nice finish.  At the Brother Dream, I’ve had success after success with  normal to minimal effort. The fabric’s colors are flattering and a knit tank can’t be beat in summer.



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