Light and Breezey

No I haven’t quit sewing but I have decided to take a break and do some simpler sewing. Simpler from a fitting point of view.  As I looked at the pictures of this top, I decided I’d like to play more with the trapeze shape.

I’ve used my woven block adapted for sleevelessness since we are definitely in summer and will be for some time.  I rotated all the darts to the hem which gives me a swishy feel. My bust dart, being what it is, adds a lot of swish.  In the past, I’ve rotated the bust dart to a single point at the hem.  This time I divided it between two points.

I added a center front and back seam not for style but due to an issue with the fabric. This light weight almost gauze cotton has been embroidered with a flame stitch pattern. The embroidery has been worn, caught and pulled along the center fold.  It’s narrow and my hem wide making it impossible to avoid by adjusting the layout. Pretty quickly, I decided the best solution was a center seam.  The back, already had a center seam as I’d previously moved the darts to center back.

I really wanted to use this fabric because it worked well with those pants.  The pants are barely ankle length when I stand. Sitting they flare about 6″ higher.  They do flare. I used Pamela’s Pant Pattern 113 at it’s fullest which for me includes the extra inch of ease along the inseam.  The pants are a cotton seersucker. Between their fabric and shape, this is very comfortable summer wear. They are a necessity to protect me from summer sun or when recovering from sun burn.  Unfortunately the pants had become orphaned. This blouse, this fabric and they are back in rotation.

The fit is so interesting to me.  There is nothing pinching the fabric (visible darts), yet it hangs gracefully. The detested underarm V’s and U’s are no where in sight.

It does have a tendency to hang up on my hip. I took 3 pics to get this good of a shot. I may need to add a little weight in the hem  to help it hang better.

I finished armscyes and neckline with commercial bias tape in a cream color– I thought it just enough contrast– and promptly wore it.


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