Block Party Files

Time for a little admin.  My basic blocks have spread and accumulated stuff.  Not only do I have basic woven and knit blocks but I have some variations.  All clipped together and not nicely, sharing space here:

Also there’s the original Connie Crawford patterns with fitting instructions and the work I did on the Craftsy Course, One Pattern Many Looks Blouses with Sarah Holden.

I’m using these frequently.  I find it satisfying to copy my basic block and make adaptions as opposed to tracing a new pattern; fitting the new pattern and wondering why it (and especially the design feature which attracted me) doesn’t look right.

To be honest, looking in 2-3 places (or more) for pattern pieces can be a little frustrating. But frankly it is the mess that is getting over whelming.  I decided to corral it all in a small file box:

I purchased mine at Menards in Mitchell SD but I know the same or similar is available on-line, at Walmart and other places.  I made envelopes for various parts and pieces. It’s not just neat. It’s the ability to write on the top of the envelope and easily identify the piece wanted!

I have this sitting on the bottom of the rack closest to the cutting table.  The basic woven and knit blocks are still hanging where they were but now they aren’t fighting for space!




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