Welcome to the Block Party

I’ve moved posts from my blog (sdbev.workpress.com) here (sdbevblockparty.workpress.com) if they pertained to working with basic slopers.

“What? Another blog?” you ask. Yes I love keeping an online journal. Being retired gives me lots of time for sewing and then write/blog about it.
For me blogging isn’t just about bragging about sharing my projects. It also gives me a nice index when I want to see how I previously did something or when I’m asked how I did ‘that’.  After awhile, I noticed it was harder and harder to find the exact post I wanted. Not only did I have lots of posts, my categories exploded.  There were just so many of them. The easy answer for me was to split related posts into another blog.

This newest blog, “Block Party” is not about quilting blocks. It’s my sewing with a sloper aka block sometimes called moulage . Although I think a moulage is skin-tight my slopers are not.  Slopers generally don’t include seam allowances. My basic blocks will contain

  • seam allowances
  • hems
  • my preferred minimum ease ;
  • my preferred sleeve lengths
  • my preferred neck depths (there’s a maximum and a minimum I’m comfortable wearing)

Lot of personal preferences there that make it easier for me to fit my clothing to my satisfaction. Also the traditional basic slopers are Bodice, Skirt and Pant. I however prefer and will be developing the following slopers:

  1. Bodice: Woven
  2. Bodice: Knit
  3. Bodice: Sleeveless woven
  4. Bodice: Sleeveless knit
  5. Pants: Trouser
  6. Pants: Jeans

No skirts. I don’t have a single skirt in my closet.  I do have several dresses which are easily developed from the bodice slopers.

As I said on the ‘About’ page, the whole point is to avoid the frustration of fitting patterns.  I don’t mind tweaking fit or details but this business of 4 muslins and not a single wearable garment has got to end.  Once I develop my slopers, I will be using them. Either as intended, i.e. drafting new styles or as a fitting tool.



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