Connie Crawford 5047

I know you’re wondering, “what’s a camp shirt doing in a basic sloper blog’.  I agree, it’s really a classic style that belongs more in the TNT category than sloper.   I find a slightly extended sleeve very flattering and I use this style as a basis much more than I do the classic bodice sloper.  Also, I’ve noticed that RTW current fashion is nearly all based on the dartless bodice with slightly extended sleeve. Since I plan to use the 5047 Camp Shirt a lot, I’ve put it in my slopers.

For several weeks, I’ve been hunting for CC’s camp shirt (CS2112 I think).  It has all the details I envision of when someone says “camp shirt” i.e.

  • Shirt like but
  • Boxy (no darts or side seam shaping)
  • One-piece straight collar (may be curved slightly to fit the neckline but definitely no collar stand of any kind)
  • Cut-on front facing for button/buttonholes (though I often cut the facing as a separate piece to make best use of limited fabric)
  • Straight level hem
  • Loose sleeve which is either quarter or full length.  Somehow a 3/4 or cap sleeve doesn’t fit my vision of “camp”
  • Slightly extended shoulder with corresponding slightly flattened sleeve cap but not to the point of being a drop sleeve

Notice, I don’t think it needs a yoke to be a camp shirt. Nor does it need vents, pockets or innumerable other details which others attach. Those details are  OK. I just think it can be a camp shirt without them. I detest the doubled folded front shirt placket and think that detail takes it out of “camp” and closer to a dress shirt.

I haven’t been able to find the desired pattern. I emailed inquiring as to its availability because it was in the  last catalog.  She responded promptly (thank you Conni) that 2112 had been replaced by another pattern for fit decisions. The pattern she recommends contains both the IMO unneeded yoke and the detested double folded placket. (I don’t know why I hate those, but I do.)   I’ve been watching that E auction site and the other E craft sale site for 2112.  I’ve been purchasing CC patterns that I like (for really cheap prices) but the much desired 2112 has not appeared at all. Not even in a not-my-size version.  I was looking at the jacket in 5047 wondering if it could also be  a blouse when I realized that the secondary shirt looks a whole lot like what I’m wanting in a camp shirt. In the instructions, Conni even calls it a “camp shirt”


and so the new adventure begins

*Sadly, my old favorite the camp shirt in Louise Cuttings Easy Ageless Cool  no longer fits.  My attempts at refitting have been frustrating.  I’m unsure what went wrong but I have drag lines and pulls that were never an issue previously. I started trying Conni Crawford patterns hoping that her draft for plus size bodies might have solved the many issues I had with my beloved  Louise Cutting and Loes Hinse patterns. I’m making progress using Conni’s fitting order but I still have issues. 



2 thoughts on “Connie Crawford 5047

  1. You might take a look at KS3475 for the camp shirt. I think it satisfies all of your criteria. It’s OOP, but still available on their site.



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