B5215 Side Seams

I said I had at least one more version before calling this pattern a TNT, but it could take more.  (1) I saw the bust dart issue just disappear in some poses; and  with all the changes I made to the armscye, I’m wondering if my B cup will even need a bust dart.  (2) When I copied the new armscye my back side seam became 1/4″ longer than the front. Should be an easy fix, right? Except I’m anxious about doing anything that affects the shape of the armscye. Plus my side seams are, ,,,,,    interesting:

Back — Front



The side seams are very curvy; asymmetrical. This would not be possible if I was using a woven fabric. A knit has a lot stretch; lot of fit forgiveness.  I need the notches at the waist. They make sure I’m easing in the area that needs to be eased and they told me that that it is the back which is longer between armscye and waist.  OR, is it that the front is 1/4″ shorter than the back? What effect will adding an armscye bust dart have?  I’m wanting the curvy back view…

… which is created by the  inward curve at the waist on the back piece. On the front piece, well, I need tummy coverage and have a smallish bust therefore the pyramid shaped front side seam. I could straighten out the back side seam for those times when I’m not wanting the curvy back. I might add a center back seam and shift some of the curve to the center back.

What I’m saying is, this version is nice but I may be making several more before I get to Ninervah i.e. TNT status.



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