B5215 The Bust Dart

Even though I specifically noted that a bust dart needed to be added; and promised I would do it; I didn’t

In some poses, the bust dart issue disappears!

Truth is, by the time I finished messing with the armscyes and hem I plain forgot about the bust dart. Which in a way is OK because I need to do at least 1 more version before calling this pattern a TNT because..

my armscyes look strange:

somehow, I have created a narrow … pit. The original draft is much wider

I decided since I still have issues with the sleeves and I want to know Connie Crawford’s draft is right for me, I would trace the originals onto tissue paper, trim apart

tape to the underside of my pattern tissue

and then trimmed to Connie’s original armscye shape.

I measured the armscye. It is 21″ just like the sleeve cap. (Whoopppeee!).





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