B5215 Solving the Wonky Hem

Ever seen a hem come to a point at the side seam?

Me either and I needed to fix it.  While cutting out the fabric I had felt that the hem wasn’t even. But I couldn’t see anuthing wrong until I stitched the side seams together. Both the center front and center back are rising. I checked my tissue against CS1201 because I like that blouse (it’s almost a TNT).  Interestingly I needed to add a 1″ wedge. Here I’ll show you:


I got this shape by comparing with my fitted sloper (CS1201).  Usually I have to add length to the center front. This is the first time I’ve added length to the center back and reshaped the hem. This tissue alteration was to make the hem even and yes did add the length I need at center front.

I could have made an error when tracing the original. But I learned a long time ago to tape my tissue and tracing paper in place so that my tracing paper doesn’t slip and create these kind of errors. I’m pretty sure I traced correctly. OTOH My previous experience with Connie Crawford’s hem was fine (outside of needing to add CF length). The hem was even/level on CS1201. Oh, and no one else has ever mentioned that the hem of B5215 was wonky. I’m the only one. I’m often the only one to comment on these kind of things. Makes me wonder, what’s wrong with me?

When all is said and done, I’m going to take the hit on this. I’m going to say, I did something wrong.  I didn’t pull out the original pattern and compare. I had quite a collection of paper on top of the cutting table by this time and decided it didn’t matter who was at fault, I needed to fix the hem.

So glad I did because the hem of the final garment  is verrrrrrrrrrrrry nice.



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