CS 1201 For Reals

Pleased as punch with the muslin fit of CS1201, I wanted to make a real garment.  OK, in my past I have worn blouses exactly like this sloper.  Same length, short sleeves, all the darts yada yada. At one time, this stripped down sloper was a current style. But I wanted something,,, a little more. Something still basic but would look current. I looked for inspiration thinking “How do I turn this basic block into a current style?”  I didn’t want to alter the pattern at all. Just add enough embellishment or styling to make it look current.

I looked at this:

and said “I”m not ready to draft collars.”  Simple collars, especially a band like this, are quite easy to draft.  My hesitation here is that the neckline had felt every so slightly choking. It may have needed clipping to lie flat and comfortable, but it may need to be lowered.  Sometimes I see pics and think that I’m developing the ol’ forward neck syndrome. If the back fits, it’s best just to trim the neckline a bit lower. But then all collars or facings must also be trimmed. So I’m not ready to draft collars. I want to be sure that the choking issue is not a fit issue.   Besides, I don’t want to wait long enough to do all that gorgeous embroidery before I can check fit.

Then I saw this lovely:

but similar problem. This time I’m wanting to be sure the sloper neckline is as high and shaped to fit my neck. If I scoop it out, I don’t know whether the neckline fits or not. Also, while I love, love, love the pin tucks and can easily achieve them, I don’t want to rotate, or eliminate darts just yet.  I want to see how my sloper performs with real fabric, real styling .

I do like the clothing styles Issac Mizrahi  sells on QVC.   But I like to sew and therefore prefer to take inspiration from what he brings to TV.  After going through several pages saying, I don’t want to slash and make yokes; don’t want to move darts; don’t want to yada yada , I found this blouse:

There are some difference. I think the neckline is about 2″ lower than my sloper and bound. What I’m seeing as binding could be top-stitching. I’m not sure if the front darts have been eliminated. Issac may have elected to shape the front with the self-fabric tie-belt (which always says Becky-Home-Ecky to me.) There is one picture that seems to indicate the back darts are sewn.  My sloper has a short sleeve while  this is long and uncuffed.  Two sets of ruffles frame the center button band (which appears to be folded and not sewn as a separate piece).  Finally, it is longer than my sloper. I however will keep my sloper as is. I will sew all darts, the higher neckline and existing length of my sloper.  The real purpose in my next project, is checking the sloper in real fabric.   My final garment will be similar, but not exactly the same.

Oh and guess what? This will be a multi-post.   Finding an inspiration and figuring out  how to interpret it to fit my figure is my favorite type of sewing. Since I refer to my blogs in the future to refresh my  maturing-memory on how I did something, I like detailed posts. Many readers have written that they like my posts because they are so detailed. However, I have to admit, avid-blog-reader that I am, when a post goes on and on my eyes fog over and I miss something important. So I want to tell the full story of this adventure, but I will do so chapter at a time. Thanks for reading along.



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